O grupie

Purpose: to use the highest quality materials and advanced technological solutions for optimal results in the construction and road and industrial economy of Ukraine.

Priorities: quality, technological modernity / innovation responsible harmonious improvement.


LAD Group is a trademark registered in Ukraine and unites a number of enterprises that produce construction materials and provide services for comprehensive landscaping and road construction, as well as transportation and transshipment of various types of cargo. Basic principles of the whole group:
• consistently high quality of products and services,
• constant modernization of production and
• introduction of new technologies

The establishment of the Group began in 1992 with the gradual formation of a vertically integrated structure that allows you to effectively manage the entire production and sales chain of road management - from the production of building materials, their storage and transportation to the construction of highways of international importance.



One of the main enterprises of the LAD group, core business, providing a full range of services for the maintenance, repair, reconstruction and construction of roads and other infrastructure facilities.

about the organization


kilometers of paved roads

7 regions

Ukraine where the work is carried out

30+ years

experience and improvement


LAD - Beton

Production of asphalt concrete mixtures for road construction, as well as production and sale of concrete vibropressed products for the improvement of sidewalks, bicycle paths, warehouses, gas stations and yards.

about the organization

2+ M ton

of manufactured products

360 th. sq. m

produced concrete pavers

5+ k



Tomashgorod crushed stone plant

Produces granite cubic rubble of Ukrainian and European factions of the highest quality, developing the Kruta Sloboda deposit. Products: granite rubble of various fractions.

about the organization

7 M ton

produced crushed stone


асортимент фракцій


виробничі лінії


Rafalivskyy quarry

Develops a basalt deposit. Manufactures a wide range of crushed stone products for the construction, road construction industry in accordance with Ukrainian and European quality standards on modern crushing and sorting equipment. Products: basalt crushed stone of various fractions.

about the organization

10 mln tons

of crushed stone extracted and processed


production lines

17 y

work experience


Multimodal transshipment terminal Autocom

Terminal przeładunkowy na granicy z Polską świadczy usługi przeładunku towarów masowych, paczkowanych, masowych, a także usługi związane z przeładunkiem.

about the organization

20 thousand tons

overloaded with fertilizers

14 hectares

area of warehouses

650 m

own access tracks


Testing laboratory LAD Corporation

Modern laboratory of road and construction materials performs a full range of tests on stationary and mobile equipment, focused on servicing the production needs of the group and external orders.

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units of equipment




types of tests